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Season 21

Aired 2 days ago - Jul 05, 2020

Nami, Robin, and the others got away from Oden’s Castle and now discuss what they have found out about the enemy so far. Meanwhile, Chopper’s group sets off to rescue Luffy from the Excavation Labor Camp where, at the same time, Luffy is in big trouble.

In order to save her child attendant Toko, the top Oiran Komurasaki stands up to the Shogun Orochi, but the yakuza boss Kyoshiro interrupts and does something that no one expected. Meanwhile, Robin is trying to get out of Orochi’s Castle with the help of Nami and Brook.

At the banquet, the Shogun Orochi starts to talk about his late old enemy which bores the attendees. Suddenly, the Oiran’s child attendant Toko bursts with laughter and won’t stop. Orochi becomes furious and attacks her, but an unexpected person stands in his way.

While the banquet grows livelier at Orochi’s Castle, Robin is confronted by his ninja force called Oniwabanshu. In the meanwhile in Kuri, Chopper, Tama, and Momonosuke train themselves preparing for the incoming battle but are interrupted when they find someone washed up on the beach.

Aired 4 months ago - Mar 22, 2020

Sanji faces Page One, a Headliner of the Animal Kingdom Pirates, who questions the soba cook’s true identity. Sanji uses Germa’s device for the first time and transforms himself into Stealth Black while dubbing himself Soba Mask.

As the Big Mom Pirates approach the Land of Wano, Kaido’s subordinates led by King and Queen try to get rid of them. Meanwhile, in the Flower Capital, another member of the Animal Kingdom Pirates, Page One, attacks every soba restaurant in the city, in search of Sanji.

Aired 5 months ago - Feb 23, 2020

Zoro is taken to the sycophant Tonoyasu’s poor hometown, Ebisu Town where people laugh away their misfortune. On the other hand, Wano’s Shogun – Orochi has a lavish banquet while Big Mom is closing in on the country at a furious speed.

Zoro who has been wandering around the Land of Wano since he got separated from his friends meets a sycophant named Tonoyasu. Tonoyasu paid for Zoro’s sushi and to pay him back, Zoro gambles at dice. However, he realizes that the dealer and the others are cheating.

Wano’s top courtesan Komurasaki is in procession and slowly makes her way to Orochi Palace. There is a crowd of people on the street as well as Sanji and the others. While everyone is fascinated by her, some seeking vengeance get in the Oiran’s way.

Aired 5 months ago - Feb 02, 2020

Sanji’s Special Soba becomes very popular but some gang members come to disturb his business and knock over a customer’s bowl. Infuriated, Sanji takes them down and gives the customer, a little girl named Toko, another serving. Later, Sanji and his friends find out that Toko is an attendant to an important figure in the Land of Wano.

Aired 6 months ago - Jan 26, 2020

In the Excavation Labor Camp, Luffy competes against Kid by hauling stones for food and they both get tons of it. However, Dobon, a vice warden, becomes furious when he finds out all their provisions are gone, and gives Luffy and Kid a new sentence: death.

Dogstorm fights against Shutenmaru to ally with him for their operation but Shutenmaru still rejects their call. Meanwhile, Sanji and the others are on their mission to recruit like-minded people who become skeptical as they receive the secret message from the Kozuki Clan.

Luffy gets beaten by Kaido and is sent to a great mine where prisoners are made to work in forced labor. There, he finds an unexpected reunion. Meanwhile, Okiku is rushing to the ruins of Oden Castle in order to confirm the safety of the Straw Hats and the others.

An infuriated Luffy strikes blow after blow on the drunken Kaido. When he activates Gear Four Bounce-Man and launches even more powerful attacks, Kaido fights back and knocks him out with just one blow. Law tries to rescue Luffy but is interrupted by Hawkins and now Kaido approaches Luffy, unconscious on the ground.

The drunken Kaido flies above Okobore Town in his dragon form and threatens Shutenmaru and all the people in the town. Luffy, Law, Kin’emon, and Okiku start running towards the town to rescue them. However, Kaido heads towards the ruins of Oden Castle where they left their crew behind.

Ashura Doji, one of the allies Kin’emon wants to search for, has become the head of a thieves brigade and they now raid Okobore Town taking away the food that Luffy gave to the people. Ashura Doji, under the name Shutenmaru, then faces Kaido’s right-hand man and gets into a fierce fight!

Kin’emon and the others crossed through time by the power of Kozuki Toki, Momonosuke’s mother, and arrived at the Land of Wano 20 years later, a totally different country before their eyes. However, discovering that there were still their allies there, they started preparing to take down Kaido and Orochi who ruined the country.

Kin’emon tells Luffy and the others about how Kozuki Oden made Kuri into a peaceful region and became its Daimyo. However, he was set up by Kaido and Kurozumi Orochi and executed. Kin’emon and his fellow vassals ran to Oden Castle in flames to save Oden’s wife Toki and children but Toki told him a shocking truth.

Luffy arrives at the ruins of Oden Castle following Law and finds the graves of his friends, Kin’emon and the others. As Law starts telling the already-stunned Luffy about the creepy story of Kin’emon’s ghost, Luffy sees it coming towards him!

Zoro and the others dash out of BakuraTown on the treasure ship filled with food! Luffy catches up to them bringing ahuge bucket of fresh water! Then, they distribute the food and the water to thepeople of Okobore Town who were thirsty and hungry.

Aired 9 months ago - Oct 20, 2019

This is a story of Luffy in an alternate reality. While sailing on the sea by himself, a strange bird crashes into his small boat. He looks up to find a giant ship where a girl named Ann has been captured. It seems like the bird belongs to her.

Taking down Holdem, Luffy rescues Otama and tries to catch up to Zoro and Okiku who stole the food treasure ship and started a mad dash to get out of the town! Meanwhile, Trafalgar Law’s attempt to silence Basil Hawkins fails when he hears bad news about his alliance.

Facing Holdem who is holding Otama as hostage, Luffy prepares for a fight but Okiku tries to stop him by sharing who is really ruling the region. Meanwhile, Basil Hawkins who is also working for Kaido and chasing after Luffy, is confronted by a mysterious figure.

Aired 10 months ago - Sep 29, 2019

After sending the yokozuna Urashima flying, Luffy and his clan continue their search for Bakura Town’s boss to save Otama! They finally find the boss, Holdem, one of the Beast Pirates’ Headliners, and Otama who is hanging in the mouth of a lion in Holdem’s stomach.

Luffy challenges Urashima, the strongest yokozuna in the Land of Wano, to a sumo match! Urashima even uses illegal moves to beat Luffy at any cost! Meanwhile, Holdem tells Otama that he knows she committed a crime and he has to punish her for it.

As Luffy, Zoro, and Okiku bounce through Bakura Town on Komachiyo’s back, looking for the kidnapped Otama, a sumo wrestler comes flying towards them! Interested, they go down to watch sumo but the undefeated yokozuna Urashima has been expecting Okiku there and shows his brutal nature!

Otama has been kidnapped by the Gifters! She is taken to a flourishing town called Bakura Town where a creepy-looking Headliner was expecting her. Luffy and Zoro rush to rescue her along with a samurai, Okiku!

Otama's life is saved by Otsuru at her teahouse. The proud Otama finds it hard to take more kindness. The group learns of the Okobore Town - living on the cast-offs of the officials! Then, suddenly, they were attacked by the Shogun’s men!

Luffy and Zoro have been stalled by Hawkins but their fortune looks bright as they are guided by a woman who Zoro had saved. She leads them to a teahouse and to an herbal remedy for the river poison. All the while, old acquaintances look on from a distance!

Aired 11 months ago - Aug 18, 2019

Otama’s temperature is going up and Luffy has no time to waste! However, Hawkins, one of Kaido’s Headliners, blocks their way by showing his unique powers and skills which can harm his own men.

Otama recounts her promise to Ace while Luffy rushes her to medical attention. But just as they reach the wasteland, a familiar face comes into view! But Kaido's underlings show up too!

Aired 11 months ago - Aug 04, 2019

Luffy and Boa Hancock square off against the Cidre Guild! These unscrupulous bounty hunters have one thing in mind - profit at any cost! When the battle looks won, Cidre gears up in a menacing power suit!

Ambushed and outgunned by a skilled bounty hunter Cidre’s group, the Straw Hats rely on the Sunny's Coup de Burst to escape! But they end up stranded without cola! A nearby soda island offers a solution - but Luffy is quickly in over his head! Luckily a vivacious old friend is nearby!

Otama's gratitude towards Luffy knows no bounds! But the feast she cooks him exhausts her food stores completely! As she suffers from poor drinking water, her companion tells the story of the mysterious outsider she waits for - Ace!