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Season 13

Ace is freed at last, he and Luffy fight their way back to escape from Marineford. Everyone is glad for it, as Squardo and his crew break in the plaza with the paddle ship to give a chance for everyone to escape, but is stopped by Whitebeard, claiming it would be a shame for a son to die in front of his father. Whitebeard stands and orders his sons to escape, saying the New Era does need a person like him. MORE -LESS

Aired 13 years ago - Dec 19, 2010

Now fully backed by the Whitebeards, Luffy is on a straight path to Ace... but straight means trying to go straight through his grandfather... Garp The Hero.

Once more, Luffy has subconsciously used the power of Haki to take down many of his enemies, bringing a renewed path to victory for the rebel pirate forces.

Aired 13 years ago - Dec 05, 2010

Luffy with his newly restored strength continues to the execution platform to save Ace. Coby challenges Luffy but is easily defeated. Luffy and Ivankov are soon stopped by Pacifistas Boa Hancock comes to their aid preventing the Pacifistas from attacking. A weakened Whitebeard is weakened further by Akainu with a multitude of marines attacking him. With Marco restrained and Jozu frozen Whitebeard says he cannot die before seeing " a future for his sons". With the a new set of executioners ready Sengoku orders the execution to commence, their stopped by Luffy's burst of Haƍshoku Haki. MORE -LESS

Whitebeard falters for a moment because of his age and physical condition, then Akainu attacks him. Admirals Kizaru and Aokiji successfully attack Commanders Marco and Jozu. Ace laments for the deaths he caused. Luffy asks for a "last favor" for Ivankov, an Emporio Tension Hormone shot, which Ivankov reluctantly agrees to give him.

Meanwhile, war keeps its pace, and Marco thanks Little Oars Jr. for his help. Whitebeard commands his pirates to clear the way, as he readies a powerful shockwave. Luffy and the pirates keep their move, and Garp starts to behave strangely. Kizaru takes on Luffy and almost manages to kick him unconscious. Sentoumaru reassumes his assault leading the Pacifistas. When Marco is about to reach the scaffold, Garp jumps into the air and punches Marco away. Garp then makes his claim that whoever wants to pass, must kill him first. MORE -LESS

Crocodile steps in to save Ace from being executed. A hidden coated ship appears and takes the pirates in, much to the Marines' surprise and Sengoku's annoyance. Oars pulls the ship out of the water, allowing the pirates a safe pass through the plaza. Whitebeard enters the plaza, and unleashes a massive shock wave with his weapon. Whitebeard orders his pirates to save Ace and destroy the Marines. Knowing that Whitebeard is about to attack with all his forces, both Sengoku and Garp decide to fight. MORE -LESS

Akainu uses his power to send magma punches to melt the ice and boil water. Sengoku orders for the immediate execution of Ace shocking everybody, much to Gekko Moriah's delight and the despair of the Pirates. Luffy decides to move forward and rescue Ace, in the plaza he is confronted by the three Admirals.

Whitebeard enters the battlefield, which raises the morale of his pirates and prompts them to clear the way for him. The Marines try to activate the encircling walls, but the ice prevents them from raising completely. Luffy tries to reach Ace but the large walls activate trapping all the pirates, and while they to break it, it is futile. However they find that there is still a path opened by Oars Jr.'s body, as his blood makes the system less effective. MORE -LESS

Aired 13 years ago - Oct 24, 2010

As Squardo stabs Whitebeard, the pirates and even marines in the war are shocked due his betrayal. Squardo says that he knows about Whitebeard's plot on giving the 43 captains under his command to save Ace and the Whitebeard Pirates. He reveals that Admiral Akainu told him that, and for his betrayal, the marines would leave the allies alone, as the Pacifistas units advance over them, destroying everything in their path. As Sengoku's plan goes on, Admiral Aokiji freezes Buggy and his allies, to cut the broadcasting to the world. As an act of surprise, Whitebeard forgives Squardo, even though he was a "foolish son". Whitebeard uses his powers to give a way out to his allies, and gives them the choice to stand for what they believe. All the allies regain force to fight, Squardo falls to the ground, realizing that he was tricked, and Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world, heads to battle. MORE -LESS

The Pacifista enter Marineford as part of Sengoku's plan to win the war against Whitebeard. It appears that part of Sengokou's plan failed as all the pirates were to be inside the bay but Sengoku gives the order to attack all the pirates allied with Whitebeard outside the bay first. The Pacifista are then activated and destroy most of the allied pirates. Sengoku then goes on to say that the encircling walls should be activated once all video feeds are cut. However, the prisoners of Impel Down have captured one of the Den Den Mushi so that they could advertise their 'saviour' captain Buggy. Mihawk's battle with Vista is coming to a hasty conclusion and Luffy briefly encounters an admiral. The episode ends as the captain of an allied crew (Squardo) betrays Whitebeard and stabs him in the chest with a sword. MORE -LESS

Luffy stumbled upon Mihawk in which he tries to avoid. Switching to Gear Second, he has taken an alternative path to avoid the swordsman but with Mihawk having a sharp vision similar to his animal theme, Hawk. He then, attacks Luffy with his black sword from a distance. Jinbe arrives to the rescue but later failed to stop the swordsman from attacking Luffy. Then suddenly, a sandstorm released by Crocodile brings Buggy in front of Luffy and Mihawk. Luffy uses Buggy as a human-shield to escape from Mihawk. As Mihawk is about to catch up with Luffy, Vista coming out of nowhere, blocks him with his two swords. As the time ticks, the Marine seems to be in a good progress of their plans, after Sengoku claims their need on being victorious, an army of Pacifista led by Sentoumaru arrives at the bay destroying a number of pirate ships. MORE -LESS

Luffy receives the key to Ace's handcuffs from Hancock, who then fantasizes about a wedding ceremony held on Amazon Lily between herself and Luffy with the entire Kuja tribe witnessing. Ivankov fights against Kuma while Luffy continues to advance up the battlefield. Crocodile defeats multitudes of Whitebeard's lower-ranking men to get to him, but is assaulted by Jozu, who is then halted by Doflamingo. The episode ends with Mihawk blocking Luffy's path. MORE -LESS

One battle after the other, it's a complete chaos out on the battlefield. Luffy together with Jinbe, Ivankov and the rest of Newkamas head on to battle the Marine soldiers. While Buggy plays safe as he decides to team-up with Whitebeard and fight against the Marines. Ace resolves to prepare for his execution and to face the blades of justice, so that the war will end soon. Moriah once again attempts to get Luffy, but Jinbe takes him on instead, beating him quickly. As Luffy advances on, he has drawn attention from Tashigi, which startled Smoker as he immediately attacks Luffy. Luffy having trouble hitting his enemy, nearly being killed by Smoker if not for Hancock's furious intervention. Meanwhile, Ivankov faces off with Bartholomew Kuma, not knowing why he is being attacked by an old comrade, Donquixote Doflamingo reveals that the Kuma he knew before is dead. MORE -LESS

With Luffy as their inspiration, the other pirates fight back with renewed vigor. Fullbody and Jango try to stop Luffy from progressing any further and fail miserably. Then Captain Hina uses her Devil's Fruit abilities to also try and catch him, however Luffy escapes quickly and easily, much to the three's chagrin. Luffy battles more admirals as they gang up on him along with zombies Gekko Moriah resurrects. Seeing Luffy in so much danger, Ace screams at Luffy not to come closer, as they've both lived their lives and adventures according to how they wanted to, so Luffy shouldn't get involved any longer. But, Luffy ignores all of this and will continue fighting for Ace, because they're brothers. Annoyed by the turn of the war's tide, Sengoku reveals to all that Luffy is the son of the great Revolutionary, Dragon; he must be stopped at all costs. Thoroughly impressed, Whitebeard orders Marco, that no harm should come to him. MORE -LESS

Luffy finally shows up together with his formed alliance from the escaped prisoners of Impel Down. As they were looking upon the scaffolding where Ace is, Crocodile has set off to attack Whitebeard soon as he had the chance, but Luffy caught up to his scheme intercepting Crocodile with Gear Second and with his body soaked wet. Crocodile then realizes Luffy already knew his weakness and therefore he had no choice but to give it up. As for the first time, Luffy stands face-to-face with the World's Strongest Man. Showing interest towards the boy, Whitebeard then asks Luffy if he knew what he is against with. Luffy stood up refusing to be told what to do, showing little manners, he competes with Whitebeard even telling the old man that the next pirate king would be him. Everyone was shocked by Luffy's actions towards Whitebeard, but later on, the two of them agreed not to get in each other's way and do it as they please. MORE -LESS

Coby and Helmeppo attempted to flee from the war after feeling too overwhelmed by the deaths and chaos, but stumbled upon Akainu and an apparent plan by Sengoku. Meanwhile, Garp joins Ace at the top of scaffolding, remembering better times when Ace and Luffy were children, and how he wanted them to grow up to become strong marines. As he laments this fact, it's revealed that Ace's execution time has been changed, when suddenly a battleship falls from the sky, revealing to be the escaped Impel Down prisoners and Luffy! MORE -LESS

Oars Jr. goes straight for Ace! But the Giant Squad attempts to stop him without much success. Hancock finally steps into the battle and ends up harming both pirates and marines, as she doesn't distinguish between the two groups of men. And then Kuma unleashes an Ursus Shock which finally stops Oars in his tracks. As he falls to his knees he remembers when Ace offered him a form of shelter from the sun, rain, and snow by the form of a giant, handmade kasa. Determined, he gets back up again, and thinking he could at least take one of the Shichibukai down, ends up getting his leg cut off by Doflamingo instead. After one more shot from Moria, it seems as though this is really the end for Oars. MORE -LESS

All the various Whitebeard Commanders show off their skills and abilities, as do some Marines. Akainu reveals his powers involve magma when he stops a giant ice block attack thrown by Diamond Jozu while Coby and Helmeppo question their worth in battle. Then Oars Jr., descendant of Oars, makes his way onto the scene.

The sea-quakes made by Whitebeard cause a tsunami to come upon Marineford. But thanks to Aokiji freezing the water, any real potential damage is prevented. After the first attack, other soldiers join the fray, and the war really begins. While everyone is fighting, Mihawk decides to join the fight and attacks Whitebeard. The episode ends as the giant shockwave from the attack approaches Whitebeard. MORE -LESS

As Whitebeard makes his appearance, Ace remembers the events that led him to become a member of the Whitebeard Pirates.

The world is shocked by the revelation of Ace's father's identity. Garp remembers when Roger asked him to take care of his son, since his child did not have any sins in this world. Ace's mother, Portgas D. Rouge, protects Ace from the Marines, and dies After his birth. At the Gates of Justice near Marineford, Luffy and the prisoners from Impel Down witness as the gate mysteriously opens. Back in Marineford, Whitebeard and his allies start their invasion from underwater. MORE -LESS

Only 3 hours remain until Ace's execution. Luffy reaches Marineford but finds the Gates of Justice closed. While Garp is thinking about his talk with Gol D. Roger, Fleet Admiral Sengoku reveals to the whole world that Ace is the son of none other than Gol D. Roger.

While Luffy's on his way to rescue Ace, everyone at Marine Headquarters get's ready for the execution. The present Shichibukai and the three admirals are summoned to get ready for Whitebeard's attack. At every instance, a Shichibukai or admiral is introduced there is a series of recap clips related to that character, with the exception of Akainu who is still a mysterious entity. MORE -LESS

Luffy recalls his childhood wih Ace, meeting him again in Arabasta and receiving his Vivre Card, meeting Blackbeard in Jaya without knowing who he was, hearing the news about Ace's execution, and confronting Blackbeard in Impel Down. Ace, awaiting his execution in Marineford, recalls his encounter with Blackbeard.

While heading to the sea to return to the Sabaody Archipelago, Zoro and Perona stumble upon a surprising discovery. Brook, however, decides he has to wait to find Luffy and the others until he can fulfill his debt to the people of Hungeria.

Robin was captured by the guards of Tequila Wolf and was sent to the Prison Tower. However Robin soon finds out that another prisoner is a member of the Revolutionary Army. On Greenstone Island, Usopp is being chased around by man-eating plants. Survival is a case of eat or be eaten.

Sanji struggles against the persistent transsexuals in the Kamabakka Kingdom, while Chopper is taking care of a giant chicken in the Torino Kingdom.

As Luffy's ship heads to Marine Headquarters, the scene shifts to a point some time in the past. Nami is still on Weather Island,. She asks the old man how many days are left till the reach the Saboady Archipelago, to which he replies that the island slowly heads toward the Sabaody Archipelago at a pace determined by the winds. The old man agrees to give her a ride to the blue sea, as he also needs money so he is going to make `business``. He finds an island that is completely dry and dying, and tells the residents he will make it rain if they pay him a million. he releases its too high and lowers it to a thousand. Nami sees the old man demonstrate his ability to summon large rains by storing thunderstorms in soap bubbles. She agrees to staying on the island to learn more till they reach the archipelago. Meanwhile, Franky is still acting like a gentleman under the effects of the tea, and the boy with him wonders when cola will arrive to return him to normal. Franky is attacked by several cyborgs in the forest, causing the tea in him to bubble over and restoring his usual personality, which enables him to defeat the cyborgs with ease. Franky learns that Dr. Vegapunk, who modified Kuma, made the cyborgs, and reaches a house with Vegapunk's name on it, triggering an alarm as he goes in. MORE -LESS

Shiryuu saves Blackbeard and his crew by giving them antidotes to Magellan's poison before taking the opportunity to join with them. The prisoners celebrate their escape, but some, such as Buggy, are upset to learn from a Marine officer calling on a Den Den Mushi that they are on their way to Marine Headquarters, and that the Gates of Justice to Marine Headquarters will not open for pirates. During the conversation, the officer reveals Buggy's past in the Roger Pirates and connections to Shanks, causing the prisoners to rally behind him. While some of the escapees are concerned that Buggy will start a mutiny, Buggy manages to convince the prisoners to go with them to Marine Headquarters in the hopes of defeating Whitebeard and standing on top of the pirate world. Meanwhile, the ship carrying Ace reaches Marine Headquarters. MORE -LESS

Mr. 2 puts himself on the line to save Luffy and the rest, by disguising himself as Warden Magellan, but in doing so sacrifices any chance of his own escape as the real Magellan corners him in the control room for the Gate of Justice.

Jinbei, Crocodile and Mr. 1 finally secure a Marine vessel to escape with, meanwhile Luffy continues his fight against Magellan with the assistance of Mr. 3's Doru Doru no Mi powers. Though at first the pair are confident they can beat the Warden with their combined abilities, Magellan - seeing the situation is becoming desperate - unleashes his ultimate technique, Venom Demon, which is so toxic it can even poison Mr. 3's wax. With Luffy's wax armour rendered useless the remaining escapees flee to the entrance with Magellan directly behind them. It is then that Ivankov, who managed to partially heal himself with the Horu Horu no Mi, comes bursting through the ground with Inazuma using Hell Wink. By clinging onto Ivankov's enlarged head while he uses another Hell Wink, Luffy and the others are finally able to breakout of Impel Down and be carried to the captured Marine ship by a school of Whale Sharks summoned by Jimbei, all seconds before being caught by Magellan who stares on in disbelief. MORE -LESS

Magellan reaches level 2 and Luffy heads back to avenge the fallen Inazuma and Ivankov. He is stopped by Mr. 2, who reminds him what happened last time when he tried to battle the Chief Warden. Magellan blasts a Hydra to the escapees. Right in time for Luffy's second poisoning, Mr. 3 shows up and uses a Candle Wall to block the poison. Crocodile comments Mr. 3 is not so useless after all. Jinbei overhears the conversation between Magellan and some guards. Mr. 2 and Mr. 1 team up and take down the guards with ease. They get in an argument and Jinbei agrees with Mr. 2 on the fact this wouldn't be to hard. Meanwhile, Luffy and Mr. 3 team up with some escapees who shoot Magellan. Although the bullet just barrage through him (though not being a Logia, but Paramecia), Magellan gets hurt. Mr. 3 armors Luffy's fists and feet so the latter can finally attack Magellan. The two get in a fight between venom and wax. At level 1, Buggy takes the rioting prisoners outside, only to see the plan fail right before their eyes. Jinbei shows up and explains the prisoners about the warships being not to far away. He takes a door and throws it in the water. Mr. 1 (who caught up), Crocodile and Buggy jump on the made platform and get driven by Jinbei to the warships. After being attacked by the ships, Jinbei throws the ships in the air with Fishman Karate, and the three land on one warship. Ready to battle they attack their opponents. Back at level 2, Luffy's and Magellan's fists clash, for Magellan to pledge Luffy on never escaping. MORE -LESS

Luffy and the other prisoners are getting closer to the surface having made it through Level 3 and 2. However in order to stall Magellan, who is quickly catching up, both Ivankov and Inazuma stay behind, Inazuma cuts down the stairs from Level 3 to 2, and Ivankov stays to fight Magellan with his "Newkama Kenpo". Despite his best efforts, he is ultimately defeat by Magellan, and later, Magellan manages to get to Level 2, and poisons Inazuma as well. Meanwhile Luffy meets up with Buggy, Mr. 3 and the other rioters and easily defeats the Demon Guards (who had used the elevator to reach Level 1) once again only to be confronted by the furious Magellan who has finally caught up to put an end to the potential breakout. MORE -LESS

Luffy is furious, punching Blackbeard, making the latter fly into the wall. Blackbeard takes revenge and activates Kurozou, making Luffy sent flying to his hand. He then grabs the pirate captain and throws him into the ground, with causes blood to drip from his mouth, to surprise of Crocod