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Season 19

At a great cost of energy and life, the Straw Hats make it out of Totto Land. Left behind in their wake are allies and friends, and would-be lovers. As the sea opens before them, what price has been paid for their escape?

The Big Mom Pirates fooled! The Straw Hats have eluded their would-be tormentors with the help of the Sun Pirates! However, as the fleet of the Big Mom Pirates is still coming after them, Jimbei makes a crucial decision to help the Sunny to get away.

With the help of the Sun Pirates, the Straw Hats see their chance to escape! And the Sun Pirates bid farewell to their former captain. Mama finally tastes the Wedding Cake and the results are positively scrumptious!

Aired 5 years ago - Feb 24, 2019

Luffy and Sanji are safe! But the critical moment approaches - the fate of Totto Land rests on the taste of the wedding cake! Will it be sweet release or bitter defeat? Meanwhile, a cunning pincer attack leaves the Straw Hats hopelessly trapped. Only old, reliable comrades can save the day!

Sanji tries his best to save himself and his captain, Luffy! But the arrival of Germa has complicated matters. Whose side do these powerful superhumans fight on? In the end, sisterly love will see Sanji saved!

Luffy emerges safely! And Pekoms' bravery ensures he and the Straw Hats have a fighting chance! But can they withstand the full force of the Big Mom Pirates? At the last moment - a surprise explodes onto the scene!

Luffy's dramatic battle finally draws to a close! But even if he is able to pull out victory in the last moment, can he remember the key to escaping the Mirrorworld?! Meanwhile, the whole host of the Big Mom Pirates watch the lonely mirror to see who will come through!

Aired 5 years ago - Jan 27, 2019

Luffy and Katakuri are locked in a duel to end all duels! Their powers ensure that each blow could be the last! Luffy must rely on his training, let all his thoughts out, and keep pushing on! Meanwhile, Sanji is about to land at Cacao Island!

Luffy leans on his training to bring out the power of his Haki! Meanwhile the children of Big Mom gather as a massive force ready to smash Luffy and the Straw Hats. Their resentment at being embarrassed fuels their desire to get revenge!

Katakuri notices his sister Flampe is sneakily providing poison needle back up in the shadows. Becoming enraged, he takes unexpected action that surprises everyone. Meanwhile, Smoothie increases her size and closes in on the Sunny.

Hiding her presence, Flampe shoots her blowgun at Luffy to support her dear brother Katakuri. Meanwhile, Oven launches a dastardly plan to fence Luffy in - by destroying every mirror on the island! And Smoothie is on the tail of the Sunny as it makes its way towards Cacao Island!

The cake is finally prepared and brought before Big Mom! With the end of her vicious rampage in sight, there is a chance for the Straw Hats to flee! Big Mom's crew is forced to decide who to attack! Meanwhile, Luffy grows ever closer to using his Haki!

Luffy tries to enhance his Haki to foresee Katakuri’s next move but Katakuri’s attacks keep pulling him down! However, when he summons every bit of wisdom from his training with Rayleigh, he remembers something important that could turn the tables for him!

Luffy, through sheer force of will, can almost use his Haki to battle Katakuri! Meanwhile, the Sunny catches fire while the Straw Hats try to kick out Big Mom but that’s when Jimbei steps up to the plate and takes a swing at her!

The much anticipated wedding cake is on its way, but there is a debate at the last minute! Shouldn't this opportunity be used to slip poison into Big Mom's meal to topple the Emperor of the Sea? Meanwhile, Carrot's unearthly ability based on the power of the moon saves the day!

A vicious pincer attack bears down on the Straw Hats! Three fleets converge and try to squeeze the life from them! Daifuku himself take the lead! But Carrot draws on a deep power within and springs in to action under the light of the moon!

Sanji and Bege get together and get off of Cacao Island successfully but their plan is in jeopardy as Oven begins to boil the sea itself! As Chiffon and the others who are on the ship are cornered, a surprising savior comes in to fight Oven!

Bege arrives on the scene, seemingly willing to risk it all to bring down the Big Mom Pirates in a blaze of glory, but of course he has a trick up his sleeve! Meanwhile Luffy keeps on the move to regain his Haki, but begins to ponder just how far his limits can be pushed!

When Chiffon comes under attack, Sanji must choose between defending her or revealing himself to his enemies! Meanwhile, Luffy uses Brulee as a human shield to avoid the wrath of Big Mom!

Luffy runs out of his Haki and has to buy some time - in the most peculiar way! Meanwhile the Big Mom Pirates mobilize their entire fleet to squelch the pirate threat, and the replacement cake nears completion!

Luffy discovers the secret to Katakuri's unearthly fighting ability, and just might have a solution for how to stop him! Meanwhile at the Sweets Factory, Pudding receives a call from Brulee who has bad news for the Straw Hats!

Aired 5 years ago - Oct 07, 2018

Katakuri retires to his sanctuary to enjoy the merienda - a chance for him to savor the sweetness of his crew of chefs and replenish his Haki! But he's not the only one who's doing eating, as Straw Hat uses his mouth to get out from under the mochi mountain crushing him!

Both powerful combatants and strong users of Haki, Luffy and Katakuri are a dead match for each other. Every move is matched by their opponent! Elsewhere, the Big Mom Pirates square off against Germa! With so much at stake, Luffy falls to Katakuri, spelling his doom!

Nami and the others start breaking all the mirrors on the Sunny in order to keep their enemies out while she and Luffy discuss where to rendezvous - but little do they know the plan is overheard! Meanwhile, Luffy's grueling battle against Katakuri intensifies!

Luffy keeps the forces out to destroy the Straw Hats at bay, however the crew needs to destroy all the mirrors - the final link that secure his safe return - on the ship in order to save themselves! At he same time, the ship is on a course for disaster, with Jibei at the helm!

Aired 5 years ago - Sep 02, 2018

Pudding and Sanji arrive at Cacao Island and begin to remake the only cake that will calm Big Mom! But their fake nupitals get in ghe way as they bicker like a married couple! Meanwhile, Luffy has lost the bttle of his life - and the flame goes out of him... until the Sunny becomes the target of a new threat!

Nami and the others who escaped the Whole Cake Island by Pedro's Sacrifice mourn over his death. Jimbei, however, keeps his calm which makes Brook lose his temper. Meanwhile, Luffy confronts the formidable Sweet General Katakuri in the Mirroworld.

Aired 5 years ago - Aug 19, 2018

The last chance the Straw Hats have is the Coup de Burst! Pedro has made the ultimate sacrifice to give them this one chance to escape, but Big Mom's naval forces are closing in and poised to knock them out! Luffy has to put himself on the line again to save his crew!

Sandwiched between Big Mom and her advancing fleet, the only hope is the Sunny's Coup-de-Burst! But can the Straw Hats prepare it in time? Meanwhile, Pedro comes face to face with his past, and embraces a dramatic end to be sure that the tides of time continue to flow!

Mama's onslaught continues as Pudding keeps battling the contradictory urges in her head - to kill or kiss Sanji! Meanwhile, Brook and Chopper are at Perospero's mercy - and are being reduced to sweetened versions of themselves.

Big Mom is relentless in her pursuit of the Straw Hats! Even being buried alive doesn't stop her! The plan to recreate the cake to stop her onslaught progresses and Pudding's changeable heart confuses all those looking on!

Zeus pursues the Straw Hats as Nami keeps him occupied. She has a shocking suprise in store for him, however, that might stop Big Mom in her tracks! Meanwhile, Brook and Chopper find the Shark Submerge in a strange situation.

Kingbaum puts his life on the line ferrying the Straw Hats towards the Seducing Woods! But Big Mom's word trumps him in this terrifying forest, and soon enough she catches up! Meanwhile, Pudding puts her plan to rebuild the cake into action - and reveals her surprising motivations!

The Straw Hats continue their mad dash to the Sunny! As Big Mom rages, her underlings decide to turn her Hunger Pang attacks against the Straw Hats! The Whole Cake Island scrambles to remake the cake to calm down Big Mom!