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Season 3

Aired 2 days ago - Apr 23, 2019

Jim explains why the funeral industry is exploitative and wasteful, seeks happiness by attending his own mock funeral in South Korea, and devises a new model of retirement.

Aired 9 days ago - Apr 16, 2019

Jim explains why zoos are a good thing, goes on patrol with an anti-poaching task force and sticks up for an underappreciated member of the animal kingdom.

Aired 16 days ago - Apr 09, 2019

Jim looks at the discriminatory barriers trans athletes face, sits down with a transgender scientist and marathoner, and examines the state of LGBTQ rights in Thailand.

Aired 23 days ago - Apr 02, 2019

Jim looks at the rise of the NRA as a lobbying group, visits Chicago to see how the city became a proxy in the gun-control debate and tries to save after-school programs.

Aired a month ago - Mar 26, 2019

Jim examines the many flaws in America's nuclear weapon stockpile, takes a critical look at doomsday-prepping advice and sits down with North Korean defectors.

Aired a month ago - Mar 19, 2019

Jim explains how the internet radicalizes white nationalists like the shooter in New Zealand, visits Australia's anti-immigration border fence and examines public shaming.