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Season 12

Aired 4 years ago - Mar 01, 2020

The Cybermen are on the march. The last remaining humans are hunted down. Lies are exposed, truths are revealed, and for the Doctor nothing will ever be the same.

Aired 4 years ago - Feb 23, 2020

In the far future, the Doctor and her friends face a brutal battle across the farthest reaches of space to protect the last of the human race against the deadly Cybermen.

Aired 4 years ago - Feb 16, 2020

Villa Diodati, 1816 - on a night that inspired Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The plan was to spend the evening in the presence of literary greats - but the ghosts are all too real. And the Doctor is forced into an earth-shattering decision.

Aired 4 years ago - Feb 09, 2020

From ancient Syria to present day Sheffield, and out into the wilds of space, something is stalking the Doctor and infecting people's nightmares.

Aired 4 years ago - Feb 02, 2020

The Doctor and her friends split up to investigate multiple mysteries across planet Earth. What they find will threaten all of humanity.

Aired 4 years ago - Jan 26, 2020

Stomping their way into present-day Gloucester, the Judoon are on the hunt for someone on the run. Who is this fugitive? And why are these alien mercenaries after them?

Aired 4 years ago - Jan 19, 2020

Inventor Nikola Tesla is at war with his rival Thomas Edison. However, there's an even greater threat in their midst. Location: New York/Niagara Falls, Earth Date: 1903 Enemies: Queen of the Skithra, Skithra

Aired 4 years ago - Jan 12, 2020

Having decided that everyone could do with a holiday, the Doctor takes Graham, Yasmin, Ryan to a luxury resort for a spot of rest and relaxation. However, they discover the place where they are having a break is hiding a number of deadly secrets. What are the ferocious monsters that are attacking Tranquillity Spa?

Aired 4 years ago - Jan 05, 2020

A terrifying plan to destroy humanity is about to reach fruition. Can the Doctor and her companions escape multiple traps and defeat a deadly alliance?

Aired 4 years ago - Jan 01, 2020

When intelligence agents around the world are under attack from alien forces, MI6 turns to the only people who can help: the Doctor and friends. As they travel the globe looking for answers, attacks come from all sides. Earth’s security rests on the team's shoulders, but where will this planet-threatening conspiracy lead them?