Season 3

Aired 6 years ago - Sep 03, 2017

Cooper and Diane drive 430 miles. Cooper attempts to help a troubled woman he believes to be Laura Palmer.

Aired 6 years ago - Sep 03, 2017

Cooper arrives in Twin Peaks.

Aired 6 years ago - Aug 27, 2017

Dougie's loved ones care for him in the hospital, and Mr. C heads towards the coordinates. Meanwhile, Diane makes a confession to the FBI.

Aired 6 years ago - Aug 20, 2017

Big Ed and Norma have a relationship breakthrough. Evil Cooper tries to reconnect with an old friend, while Dougie Jones reaches an electrifying discovery.

Aired 6 years ago - Aug 13, 2017

Gordon remembers an important moment from his past. Andy, Bobby, Hawk and Truman go to the forest. James hears a story about a glove on his birthday. An unknown facet of Sarah is revealed.

Aired 6 years ago - Aug 06, 2017

"What story is that, Charlie?" Dougie comes home bearing gifts while Anthony is sent on a risky mission, Evil Cooper wants revenge.

Aired 6 years ago - Jul 30, 2017

"Let's rock." An old FBI case gets new recruits after many years while well-known residents of Twin Peaks face problems.

Aired 6 years ago - Jul 23, 2017

"There's fire where you are going." The set-up involving the Mitchum brothers and Dougie reaches its climax while even stranger things start to happen to both the FBI team and the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department.

Aired 6 years ago - Jul 16, 2017

"Laura is the one." The Mitchum brothers find out more about Dougie Jones. In Twin Peaks, Richard Horne's committing horrible acts, and Hawk gets more clues from the Log Lady.

Aired 6 years ago - Jul 09, 2017

"This is the chair." More about Dougie Jones comes to light after an attempt on his life. Meanwhile, Gordon Cole discovers connections to Cooper concerning a Blue Rose case and Major Garland Briggs.

Aired 6 years ago - Jun 25, 2017

"Gotta light?" Coop's doppelganger faces a life or death situation. In 1945, a bomb is dropped and modern man's evil is epitomized.

Aired 6 years ago - Jun 18, 2017

"There's a body all right." Cooper and Janey-E are in for a violent surprise at the Lucky 7 office. Meanwhile, Gordon and Albert try enlisting Diane to figure out the mystery of the man they believe to be Cooper in jail.

Aired 7 years ago - Jun 11, 2017

"Don't die." Gordon Cole instructs Albert to meet with an old contact. Hawk makes a discovery involving 'the missing piece' that will help him find Coop. Janey-E fixes Dougie's gambling debt, while Coop is still struggling to put what he knows about his past and the Black Lodge into words. Tragedy strikes after a drug deal takes place.

Aired 7 years ago - Jun 04, 2017

"Case files." Coop is still trapped as Dougie, going through the motions, as his doppelganger schemes in jail. Meanwhile, new information on Major Garland Briggs turns up.

Aired 7 years ago - May 28, 2017

"...brings back some memories." Coop assumes the life of Dougie Jones, as Gordon and Agents Rosenfield and Preston investigate the situation surrounding Coop's doppelganger.

Aired 7 years ago - May 28, 2017

"Call for help." Cooper calls for help; Agents Gordon Cole, Albert Rosenfield and Tammy Preston investigate the glass box murders.

Aired 7 years ago - May 21, 2017

"The stars turn and a time presents itself." Hawk searches for something in the woods while Cooper learns that his fate in the Black Lodge may not be sealed after all.

Aired 7 years ago - May 21, 2017

"My log has a message for you." A man observes a mysterious glass box, South Dakota Police discovers a hideous crime and Hawk receives a cryptic message about Special Agent Dale Cooper.