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Drama, Mini-Series


The Defoes, a family of female divorce lawyers, are forced to face their past following the return of their estranged father after a 30 year absence.

Season 1

Aired 6 years ago - May 29, 2018

Oscar's second wife Maya arrives in London. Hannah and Nathan fight to save their marriage. Goldie finally has her day in court. Ruth gets help comes from an unexpected source. Hannah finally confronts the past.

Aired 6 years ago - May 22, 2018

Nathan swears to Hannah that he did not meet anyone on the Indiana Ray site. Rex and Nina start to fall for one another.

Aired 6 years ago - May 15, 2018

The Foreign Secretary's husband has been caught in an online hack of an illicit dating website. Rose confesses to James she doesn't want children. A family dinner proves disastrous when Nina gets drunk.

Aired 6 years ago - May 08, 2018

Hannah finds herself caught in the middle when Nathan and Christie clash on a highly charged divorce case involving fertility law and the ownership of frozen embryos. Ruth continues to evade questions regarding Oscar's return and the concern over Defoe's finances.

Aired 6 years ago - May 01, 2018

Things become increasingly complicated for Hannah as she faces Christie's ex-wife in a tricky prenup, and the three sisters meet their father for the first time.

Aired 6 years ago - Apr 24, 2018

A leading divorce lawyer finds business is personal when she leaves the family firm for a rival and finally faces her estranged father, who walked out 30 years ago.