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Season 2

Aired 5 years ago - May 24, 2019

Eve's mission is disastrously compromised; Carolyn leaves Eve's future in her own hands.

Aired 5 years ago - May 17, 2019

Eve may have worrying competition for Villanelle's affections.

Aired 5 years ago - May 10, 2019

Villanelle uses her unrivaled infiltration skills to immerse herself in the world of a new target.

Aired 5 years ago - May 03, 2019

The MI6 team make a pact with the devil in order to get information from The Ghost.

Aired 5 years ago - Apr 28, 2019

After the discovery of another dead body, Eve and her new team make a break in their case. Villanelle decides to take matters into her own hands on a trip to Amsterdam. Carolyn is called in to face the music with her boss.

Aired 5 years ago - Apr 21, 2019

Villanelle's circumstances are looking bleak. Eve makes a dangerous deal with an old acquaintance. Villanelle is surprised when she is approached by a figure from her past.

Aired 5 years ago - Apr 14, 2019

Carolyn introduces Eve to her new team before Eve briefs them on the Villanelle case. Villanelle, needing to lie low while she recovers, finds a good Samaritan to take her in and care for her.

Aired 5 years ago - Apr 07, 2019

Eve is reeling from her act of violence against Villanelle and doesn’t know whether she is alive or dead. A paranoid and severely injured Villanelle manages to get herself to the hospital for treatment. Carolyn approaches Eve with an intriguing opportunity.