Viceland (US)



Being an international superstar DJ and producer doesn't make you good at life. But ain't nobody got put on this earth 'cause they were perfect, right? So as long as we're still in the game, we got a chance to get it right.

Season 1

Aired 6 years ago - Aug 31, 2017

DO NOT WATCH THIS EPISODE it sucks. All about love and emotions and s**t. So lame trust me. Please pray #HaventLookedBack.

Aired 6 years ago - Aug 24, 2017

Yo, the Dominican Republic is flames and we got the best crew in the game #Baller #Believer.

Aired 6 years ago - Aug 17, 2017

Somebody plz make a kickstarter so that stupid s**t you tweeted about Taylor Swift but deleted stays disappeared forever #LeanOn.

Aired 6 years ago - Aug 10, 2017

Epic doc about how you make a #1 hit #Noisey #WhereAre Now?

Aired 6 years ago - Aug 03, 2017

I get in a Twitter war with Calvin Harris, but I keep it 100 plus sick kids are the illest #SetItOff.