Season 3

Aired 3 years ago - Nov 24, 2019

Anne steps into the next chapter of her life.

Aired 3 years ago - Nov 17, 2019

Matthew and Anne journey to help Ka'kwet.

Aired 3 years ago - Nov 10, 2019

The students sit for the Queens entrance exams.

Aired 3 years ago - Nov 03, 2019

Anne's opinion article isn't received quite as she planned, and unforeseen consequences affect the entire town. Josie makes a brave decision.

Aired 3 years ago - Oct 27, 2019

The county fair comes to Avonlea.

Aired 3 years ago - Oct 20, 2019

The school kids practice for the upcoming barn dance, bringing romantic anxieties to a head. The girls are plagued with fears about marriage and motherhood.

Aired 3 years ago - Oct 13, 2019

Ka'kwet travels to school, while Anne embarks on the next phase of her quest.

Aired 3 years ago - Oct 06, 2019

As Easter approaches, Mary's illness brings change to Avonlea.

Anne's search takes her back to the orphanage, where she's forced to confront new realities. Meanwhile, Elijah pays a visit to Avonlea.

Aired 4 years ago - Sep 22, 2019

Anne's sixteenth birthday inspires her to learn more about her genealogy.