Crime, Drama


A media storm sets off when an African-American cop kills a white teenager in a small North Carolina town.

Season 1

Aired 6 years ago - May 24, 2017

While Preston presents the jurors with facts about the case, the true events leading to the shootings are revealed.

Aired 6 years ago - May 17, 2017

In light of a surprising discovery about the Auxiliary Deputy program, the investigation puts the Sheriff's Department under further scrutiny.

Aired 6 years ago - May 10, 2017

Preston and Ashe discover a possible murder weapon for the Joey Campbell case and are feel pressured to use it to find the identity of Joey's killer.

Aired 6 years ago - May 03, 2017

Another team is tasked with investigating the case, but Preston remains dedicated to finding out the truth as a witness is placed in potential danger.

Aired 6 years ago - Apr 26, 2017

A violent riot ensues between the citizens and police of Gate Station; Ashe and Preston talk to Gov. Eamons about their suspicions regarding Joey's murder.

Aired 6 years ago - Apr 19, 2017

Cory reveals some key details about the night Joey Campbell was murdered.

Aired 6 years ago - Apr 12, 2017

Ashe and Preston review statements made by Cory regarding what he was a witness to on the night Joey Campbell was killed.

Aired 6 years ago - Apr 05, 2017

Ashe and Preston are sent on a dangerous manhunt for the only two credible witnesses in the case.

Aired 6 years ago - Mar 29, 2017

When a controversial video of Deputy Beck leaks, the police force and the community begin to look at him differently. Suspicion rises around Pastor Janae after it's revealed that she had a public run-in with Joey Campbell, before his death. Ashe and Preston debate whether or not they're ready to take on the cases of both Jesse Carr and Joey Campbell, and then discover that a witness in Joey's murder may have gone missing. MORE -LESS

Aired 6 years ago - Mar 22, 2017

When an African-American cop shoots and kills an unarmed white college student, a small town in North Carolina is turned upside-down. Before the town has a chance to cope with this tragedy, the neglected murder of an African-American teen is brought to light, opening wounds that threaten to tear the community apart.