Season 3

Aired 11 years ago - Sep 27, 2012

Louie struggles through the holidays.

Aired 11 years ago - Sep 20, 2012

Louie continues his efforts to earn the Late Show hosting job. He is visibly moved by his daughters' support for his goal, but continues to be confounded by Jack Dall, who gives Louie a "make me laugh right now" ultimatum he barely passes and then has him do a practice interview with an emotional cleaning woman. Louie makes it to an actual test show in front of a packed audience, where Jack wishes him well and gives him some advice that pays off when Jerry Seinfeld tells Louie he's already signed a deal to take over for David Letterman and Louie would be nice to keep it a secret. Louie recognizes Jerry is lying and goes out and absolutely crushes his test show, mixing genial humor with some raunchier material and hilarious interviews with Susan Sarandon and Paul Rudd. Lars Tardigan loves the footage and says "We've got an option!" That night, Louie gathers with his comedian friends for the news, but Doug shows up looking downcast just as Maria Menounos announces that David Letterman re-upped for another 10 years and has even worse news: Louie is now persona non grata forever with Letterman. A devastated Louie barely avoids breaking down, but he also appreciates that he at least cost Letterman a ton of money on his new contract, lets the Letterman show know that they never broke him, and returns to Alphonse's gym to continue his boxing education. MORE -LESS

Aired 11 years ago - Sep 13, 2012

Louie begins a quest.

Aired 11 years ago - Aug 30, 2012

Louie gets a break. Maybe.

Aired 11 years ago - Aug 23, 2012

Louie searches for a lost love and then for his daughter.

Aired 11 years ago - Aug 16, 2012

Louie deals with a rash.

Aired 11 years ago - Aug 09, 2012

Louie takes an old friend shopping and has a bit of an emergency.

Aired 11 years ago - Aug 02, 2012

A guy dies, Louie meets a comedian, and has a bad day with a bad kid.

Aired 11 years ago - Jul 26, 2012

Louie goes on a date.

Aired 11 years ago - Jul 19, 2012

Louie is looking for a mate.

Aired 11 years ago - Jul 12, 2012

Louie goes to Miami.

Aired 11 years ago - Jul 05, 2012

Louie has dinner at a friend's house.

Aired 11 years ago - Jun 28, 2012

Louie has a challenging day.