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Season 2

Aired 8 years ago - Sep 10, 2014

As the arrests of Sid and the Solanos near, even the best laid plans begin to crumble.

Aired 8 years ago - Sep 03, 2014

Even as the agents bait their final hooks against the Solano Cartel, it dawns that Sid may still have a few tricks of his own.

Aired 8 years ago - Aug 27, 2014

Briggs learns that someone at Graceland has proof of his past crimes; the team executes a bank heist.

Aired 8 years ago - Aug 20, 2014

Worried about Mike pushing boundaries, Briggs and Paige plan to use Briggs' cover to end Mike's operation.

Aired 8 years ago - Aug 13, 2014

Johnny pitches an alternative way to traffic drugs to the head of a drug cartel in Mexico; Mike must cover up a horrific crime while undercover.

Aired 8 years ago - Aug 06, 2014

Charlie tries to bond with a bank robber; Johnny must check his feelings for a cartel leader's daughter; Briggs' life creates complications.

Aired 8 years ago - Jul 30, 2014

When Mike comes face-to-face with his greatest enemy, he pledges to do whatever it takes to take the man down.

Aired 8 years ago - Jul 23, 2014

The Solano case is in shambles; Paige is deep undercover within a sex trafficking ring; Mike and Briggs need to take extreme measures.

Aired 8 years ago - Jul 16, 2014

The power dynamics are disrupted when Graceland has a surprise visitor; Mike is put in a precarious position; Tuturro risks his cover with Carlito.

Aired 8 years ago - Jul 09, 2014

Briggs and Charlie attempt to atone for past misdeeds; Jakes uses secrets to sell his story; Turturro examines his limits.

Aired 8 years ago - Jun 25, 2014

The team tries to find the bus line responsible for smuggling contraband into the country; Tuturro sells an antique gun to the son of a cartel leader.

Aired 8 years ago - Jun 18, 2014

Briggs digs up an old connection to help Mike get information; Paige pursues a drug manufacturer.

Aired 8 years ago - Jun 11, 2014

When a cartel puts a hit on Mike, he returns to Graceland, finding the place changed.