Drama, Fantasy


The people of Arcadia, Missouri are forever changed when their deceased loved ones suddenly start to reappear.

Season 1

Aired 8 years ago - May 04, 2014

The return of the dead reaches critical mass, sending the town into chaos; Sheriff Fred implements his own agenda, triggering an unexpected siege.

Aired 8 years ago - Apr 27, 2014

Tom leads the search for Rachael, as her situation becomes increasingly dire; Maggie and Dr. Ward make a series of unexpected discoveries.

Aired 8 years ago - Apr 13, 2014

Maggie turns to a person from the past for answers about the mystery; Rachael's secret ends up in the wrong hands; Bellamy and Pastor Tom try to reassure residents.

Aired 8 years ago - Apr 06, 2014

Bellamy tries to keep Jacob safe but his past interferes; Elaine must find where Caleb hid the money; Rachael gets shocking news.

Aired 8 years ago - Mar 30, 2014

Bellamy and Sheriff Fred try to find Caleb; Maggie gives Jacob a checkup; Pastor Tom's old love returns.

Aired 8 years ago - Mar 23, 2014

Exhuming Jacob's grave deepens the mystery of his return; Henry struggles to accept that Jacob is really the son he lost; Maggie and Bellamy wonder if the local river holds a clue that could connect Caleb's and Jacob's deaths.

Aired 8 years ago - Mar 16, 2014

Bellamy wants to have Jacob's tomb exhumed; Pastor Tom reaches out to a childhood friend; Caleb claims he can't remember his death.

Aired 8 years ago - Mar 09, 2014

When deceased loved ones begin to reappear, the people in Arcadia change forever.