Season 4

Aired 10 years ago - Oct 17, 2010

Don and Peggy are faced with life-altering decisions

Aired 10 years ago - Oct 10, 2010

In the midst of a crisis, Don runs into an old friend.

Aired 10 years ago - Oct 03, 2010

Sterling Cooper Draper Price employees resort to scuttlebutt after an agency wide meeting is called.

Aired 10 years ago - Sep 26, 2010

An unannounced visitor at the Francis home rattles Betty.

Aired 11 years ago - Sep 19, 2010

Peggy is forced to face some unpleasant facts about a client's discriminatory business practices. Don and Faye's burgeoning relationship is tested when Sally runs away from home and turns up at the office. Roger tries to rekindle his affair with Joan.

Aired 11 years ago - Sep 12, 2010

Joan and Peggy deal with the boys in the office, Don and Faye draw closer and Henry chafes at Don's lingering shadow.

Aired 11 years ago - Sep 05, 2010

Don turns to alcohol and Peggy's shoulder to deal with the news of Anna Draper's death that he knows is waiting for him.

Aired 11 years ago - Aug 29, 2010

Peggy clashes with her new creative partner; Don pitches under unusual circumstances.

Aired 11 years ago - Aug 22, 2010

Don and Pete disregard Roger's plans in order to land a new client.

Aired 11 years ago - Aug 15, 2010

An edict from Roger and Lane puts Pete in a personal dilemma.

Aired 11 years ago - Aug 08, 2010

Don visits Anna Draper and learns some sad news about her health.

Aired 11 years ago - Aug 01, 2010

The agency must throw an impromptu Christmas party for the benefit of Lucky Strike's Lee Garner, Jr.

Aired 11 years ago - Jul 25, 2010

Don deals with life after Betty and a trade-paper interview in which he won't say much about himself.