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Season 9

Aired 17 days ago - Nov 25, 2018

A small rescue mission braves a dangerous herd in their hunt for a missing comrade, only to discover a surprising threat that could doom them all.

Aired 24 days ago - Nov 18, 2018

Carol seeks out an old friend living alone in a wilderness teeming with walkers; survivors make the perilous trek to a new home.

Aired a month ago - Nov 11, 2018

The Survivors encounter unfamiliar faces outside the safety of their community's walls and must decide whether or not this new group can be trusted.

Aired a month ago - Nov 04, 2018

Rick is forced to face the past as he struggles to maintain the safety of the communities and protect the future he and Carl envisioned.

Aired 2 months ago - Oct 28, 2018

Rick's vision of a civilized future is threatened by a sudden reckoning with past sins that remain unavenged and unforgiven.

Aired 2 months ago - Oct 21, 2018

Aired 2 months ago - Oct 14, 2018

Aired 2 months ago - Oct 07, 2018