Crime, Drama, Horror, Suspense


What starts as a YouTube video going viral, soon leads to problems for the teenagers of Lakewood and serves as the catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to the town's troubled past. Everyone has secrets. Everyone tells lies. Everyone is fair game.

Season 1

Aired 5 years ago - Sep 01, 2015

Season Finale- Emma races to save another loved one; the killer's identity is revealed.

Aired 5 years ago - Aug 25, 2015

Emma, who doubts that the actual killer has been captured, teams with Piper to find answers at the Halloween dance.

Aired 5 years ago - Aug 18, 2015

Emma reels from yet another death; a secret from the past is uncovered.

Aired 5 years ago - Aug 11, 2015

Emma races to save a friend from the killer's dangerous game of hide-and-seek.

Aired 5 years ago - Aug 04, 2015

The new prime suspect is someone close to Emma.

Aired 5 years ago - Jul 28, 2015

Emma learns a heartbreaking secret after a scandalous video leak.

Aired 5 years ago - Jul 21, 2015

A mysterious message sends Emma and Audrey in search of answers.

Aired 5 years ago - Jul 14, 2015

Emma discovers that her mom is keeping additional secrets; and the killer challenges her to a dangerous game.

Aired 5 years ago - Jul 07, 2015

The death of another teen raises questions and leads to a rift between Emma and Audrey. A podcaster arrives in town to report on the past and present murders.

Aired 5 years ago - Jun 30, 2015

After a Cyber-bullying video goes viral, the creator of the video and her boyfriend are murdered. While a group of friends mourn their friends' death they also fear that the murder's were done by a copy cat of a murderer twenty years before or maybe even the original killer himself.