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Season 2

Aired 4 years ago - Jun 28, 2015

Mary refuses to believe that her son is still alive while the Countess does everything she can to impress the boy. Ann tries to convince Cotton that she uses her powers for good and Alden balances between life and death.

Aired 4 years ago - Jun 21, 2015

Mary makes a last ditch effort to stop Countess Marburg's attempts while alliances shift as surprising truths are revealed.

Aired 4 years ago - Jun 14, 2015

Mary has a public fall from grace. Alden and Cotton try to save the boy's soul.

Aired 4 years ago - Jun 07, 2015

When Mary and Alden join forces, Alden gets his first test in fatherhood.

Aired 4 years ago - May 31, 2015

Mary makes a sacrifice to save her son from Marburg.

Aired 4 years ago - May 24, 2015

When a plan of Mary’s threatens to backfire on her, she strikes a tenuous deal in order to achieve her greater goal. While she learns a bit of the history which surrounds her newest and most dangerous foe, the key to defeating the Countess still remains hidden. Both Anne and Cotton receive unexpected late-night visitors, each of which results in very different conclusions. As Mary tries to bond with her son, she and Tituba discover that the seemingly scared and vulnerable little boy is harboring unsettling thoughts and predilections... and perhaps even darker secrets. Meanwhile, with the help of her familiar, Anne Hale begins to discover some of her father’s hidden – and unsettling – secrets; Tituba tries to strike a deal with the captured John Alden; Dr. Wainwright discovers that, perhaps, science alone does not hold all the answers he seeks; and Mary makes a much-needed - and unexpected - ally. MORE -LESS

Aired 4 years ago - May 17, 2015

Mary resorts to drastic measures in a bid to attain valuable information for use in combating the Countess, and she tries to shore up her political hold over Salem with a move that could either assure her success or seal her fate. As Anne Hale continues her Witch’s tutorial, she learns that getting what she desires comes at a cost, and that in order to continue on her seemingly powerful path she must still remain supplicant to others. As the Countess and her son, Sebastian, continue to work their plan, they are presented with a rare glimpse into their enemy’s stronghold where a fascinating introduction is made, and their cause is made stronger by a new but unpredictable ally. Wainwright returns to Salem having gained some measure of information that may shed light on the town’s particular strain of plague, but further investigation reveals shocking results. Meanwhile, Tituba makes plans for her recently captured prey, and Cotton gets a surprising visit. MORE -LESS

Aired 4 years ago - May 10, 2015

Countess Marburg arrives in Salem and threatens Mary's stronghold on the city.

Aired 4 years ago - May 03, 2015

Following Mary’s public chastening, the recently-minted Magistrate Hathorne steps up his bid to wrest power over the citizenry of Salem from her, forcing Mary to once again compel her bewitched husband to take action. When Hathorne levels a not-so-veiled threat against Anne Hale – which he mitigates with an unappealing solution - it prompts the young Witch to seek Mary’s council. She receives sound advice... but it comes at a fearful and unappealing cost. Mercy Lewis’ grisly preparations to enact her revenge reach new heights, drawing two reluctant participants closer in the process, and forcing the hand of one of her increasingly tenuous allies. Meanwhile, as John Alden continues to pursue his righteous task, his search for answers yields valuable results, and Mary takes the fight directly to her newest foes... with surprising results. MORE -LESS

Aired 4 years ago - Apr 26, 2015

In the wake of the most recent attack against her, Mary seeks answers to who may be responsible. To that end – and despite Tituba’s warnings - Mary begins to tutor Anne Hale in the ways of witchcraft, but her work may not culminate exactly as planned. Upon his return to Salem, Cotton meets Dr. Wainwright and despite their obvious initial differences of opinions, each discovers the other may have something to offer in their mutual task. John Alden continues to make his presence felt in Salem, and his actions have repercussions for him, and for others, in ways both political and physical. Mercy moves forward in her plans of revenge against Mary even as one of her acolytes has second thoughts about the part she’s playing in the Witch’s plan. Meanwhile, Mary and Wainwright continue to explore their mutual interests, and Mary and Tituba search for a killer. MORE -LESS

Aired 4 years ago - Apr 19, 2015

As the town of Salem continues to try and cope with the mounting plague, suspicions and fear grip the townspeople, and one of Mary’s recent adversaries takes steps to place himself in a position of power among the citizenry, leading Mary to rally her allies and resort to making a risky play in her bid to maintain control of the town. Meanwhile, Anne and Cotton find they share some common ground, an earlier act of mercy may come back to haunt Mary, tensions of a less-than-Puritan nature continue to smolder between Mary and Dr. Wainwright, John arrives back in Salem and makes his first move in the epic task that lies before him, and Mary and Tituba make a troubling discovery. MORE -LESS

Aired 4 years ago - Apr 12, 2015

In the wake of Mercy’s brutal act of violence, Mary works to rally the citizenry of Salem against her rebellious, wayward former protégé, and to put an end to the willful Witch’s uprising. Despite the unwanted distraction, Mary moves forward in her bid to complete her Hive's dark task with the promise that her eventual success will result in a permanent reunion with her son. As Dr. Wainwright looks for clues to cure the growing plague, his methods create concern for the Selectmen. While his only hope seems to be the discovery of the pox-ravaged Isaac, who, beyond all expectations, clings to life, the possibility of his success creates additional concern for Mary and Tituba. Meanwhile, John Alden prepares for an epic confrontation still to come, and has a telling encounter with an unexpected ally; Mary’s son begins to show another, unsettling side of his nature; and Anne Hale - ripe with her new and as-of-yet uncontrollable powers - embarks on an unforeseen journey... but discovers more than she bargained for. MORE -LESS

Aired 4 years ago - Apr 05, 2015

In the wake of the Grand Rite –- merely the first phase of the Hive’s dark undertaking –- a horrendous plague sweeps through Salem. Tensions escalate between Tituba and Mary, who tries to enjoy what limited time she is allowed to spend with her young, recently returned son. Mary confronts Mercy Lewis in a bid to strike a bargain with the upstart Witch, but Mercy already has diabolical plans of her own in play. As Anne Hale begins to comprehend the nature of her own true power, she is extended an offer that may provide her some clarity and relief. Meanwhile , as Mary attempts to exert her mortal influence over the citizenry of Salem, she makes the acquaintance of an intriguing true man of science, Dr. Samuel Wainwright, who may threaten her cause. Back in Boston, a haunted Cotton Mather must answer for his failure in Salem; and Mary learns John Alden’s fate.... or so she thinks. MORE -LESS