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Crime, Drama, Western

Season 1

Aired 6 months ago - Jan 18, 2018

Seth and Creeley must confront the truth about their past and figure out a way to survive the rapidly arriving future.

Aired 6 months ago - Jan 11, 2018

Seth and the farmers take on the Black Legion with help from unlikely allies.

Aired 6 months ago - Jan 04, 2018

When Bessie discovers the grand industrial plans for Holden, Seth and Amelia must decide whether to protect her from the Black Legion.

Aired 7 months ago - Dec 28, 2017

Creeley meets his master on an exclusive hunting retreat, but finds there is more than one game at play; Seth infiltrates a nearby factory.

Aired 7 months ago - Dec 21, 2017

Seth and Lew are presented with an unexpected opportunity when banker Calvin Rumple is run out of town.

Aired 7 months ago - Dec 14, 2017

When a traveling carnival comes to Holden, a collection of new faces put Seth and Creeley on their toes, but it's a friend from the past that truly shakes things up.

Aired 8 months ago - Nov 28, 2017

Negotiations commence between the farmers and the bank. But things turn bloody when Creeley divides the farmers.

Aired 8 months ago - Nov 21, 2017

When the local farms face foreclosure, Seth and Amelia try to win them back; Creeley and Bessie run afoul of the Black Legion.

Aired 8 months ago - Nov 14, 2017

Seth and the farmers ward off the Black Legion vigilante group; Creeley tries to learn more about his brother's new life.

Aired 8 months ago - Nov 07, 2017

When a farmer's strike led by a local preacher escalates, a man from his past is sent to restore order.