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Drama, Horror, Science-Fiction


Set in a near-dystopian future, a former cop is forced to take part in a death race where the cars run on human blood. You lose a leg and you lose your head.

Season 1

Aired 15 days ago - Jul 05, 2017

Arthur and Grace take a dangerous detour to a mental asylum to search for Grace's missing sister.

Aired 22 days ago - Jun 28, 2017

Arthur and Grace race through a mysterious city only to fall prey to its nocturnal inhabitants

Aired a month ago - Jun 21, 2017

Grace and Arthur battle to stay off the menu at the first pit stop, Pixie Swallow Motel & Diner.

Aired a month ago - Jun 14, 2017

In the dystopian future of 1999, Arthur Bailey is the last good cop among a horde of corrupt officials, living in desolate downtown Los Angeles. He’s about to get caught up in a race where the cars run on human blood and the last participant to arrive at each checkpoint has their head explode. If you’re a fan of Grindhouse, sexploitation, and ridiculous insane action, lube up! MORE -LESS