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They're absent-minded, mildly corrupt and barely competent. Somehow, they're Australia's most elite detective unit.

Season 1

Aired 5 days ago - Jan 15, 2017

A journalist tags along as the team attempts to track down ecoterrorists who kidnapped the wife of a mining magnate.

Aired 12 days ago - Jan 08, 2017

Todd and Zac go undercover as security guards in Yemen to hunt for a dangerous terrorist, but they'll need Maddie and VJ's help to get out alive.

Aired a month ago - Dec 18, 2016

When German terrorists break into a laboratory and threaten to release anthrax, the team hatches a sketchy plan to storm the building.

Aired a month ago - Dec 11, 2016

When a team member's father is kidnapped by a radical organization, Pacific Heat heads to the Southeast Asian jungle to rescue him.

Aired 1 months ago - Dec 04, 2016

A shipment of uranium goes missing from a nuclear lab and the team must work out who has it, before anyone gets the chance to build a dirty bomb.

Aired 2 months ago - Nov 27, 2016

When the team goes undercover at a strip club to blow up a crystal meth ring, Maddie and VJ gain the trust of a stripper who knows key info.