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Season 2

Aired 2 days ago - Aug 14, 2017

Jesse gets a much-needed breakthrough on his search for God. Tulip continues to spiral and Cassidy makes a life-altering decision for Denis.

Aired 9 days ago - Aug 07, 2017

Jesse investigates a clue about God; Tulip makes friends with a new neighbor; a glimpse into Cassidy's past relationship with Denis.

Aired 16 days ago - Jul 31, 2017

Tulip confronts her near-death experience; Denis asks Cassidy for a favor; Jesse questions the price of saving Cassidy and Tulip.

Aired 23 days ago - Jul 24, 2017

The Saint corners the trio; Jesse makes a deal with the killer Cowboy; Jesse races to save Tulip and Cassidy.

Aired a month ago - Jul 17, 2017

After learning about Tulip's secret relationship, we revisit Jesse and Tulip's rocky past and see a darker side of Jesse.

Aired a month ago - Jul 10, 2017

Jesse pursues a lead and dives deeper into his search for God with Cassidy and we discover more about Tulip's secret past.

Aired a month ago - Jul 03, 2017

Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy get a tip that God may be in New Orleans; Tulip is hiding a secret and their stop in New Orleans risks exposing her.

Aired 2 months ago - Jun 26, 2017

Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy track a lead from Heaven; the trio tries to find out who the Cowboy is and why he's attempting to kill them.

Aired 2 months ago - Jun 25, 2017

Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy begin the search to find God; the trio realize they are being followed by a killer cowboy from Hell.