El Rey Network

Season 3

Aired a year ago - Nov 01, 2016

As Kate nears death, the team races to defeat Amaru and seal the gate to Xilbalba.

Aired a year ago - Oct 25, 2016

The Geckos are going after Amaru, as she plots to regain her true form and open the gates of Hell.

Aired 2 years ago - Oct 18, 2016

Santanico returns with a secret and leads the Geckos to Lord Venganza.

Aired 2 years ago - Oct 11, 2016

The team falls victim to a female Xibalban demon.

Aired 2 years ago - Oct 04, 2016

Richie wakes up in an abandoned asylum after being abducted; Seth goes to save Richie.

Aired 2 years ago - Sep 27, 2016

Seth and his team protect civilians from cannibal attacks.

Aired 2 years ago - Sep 20, 2016

Ranger Freddie Gonzalez teams with an old enemy; the Geckos must defend against the Jaguar Warriors.

Aired 2 years ago - Sep 13, 2016

Freddie Gonzalez teams up with an old enemy; Seth and Richie track down an ancient hunter.

Aired 2 years ago - Sep 06, 2016

Seth and Richie seek help from Santanico; Freddie and Ximena have an encounter with Brasa.

Aired 2 years ago - Sep 06, 2016

The Geckos have been demoted to “collectors”, while their organization has been infiltrated by a mysterious new enemy hell-bent on destroying them, the Lords, and all culebras.