WGN America

Season 3

Aired a year ago - Jan 25, 2017

Series Finale. Everyone prepares on the eve of Salem's demise.

Aired a year ago - Jan 18, 2017

Hearts are destroyed when everyone's true colors are revealed and one bleeds darker than the rest.

Aired a year ago - Jan 11, 2017

Mortal enemies are forced to work together to keep the door to hell locked.

Aired a year ago - Jan 04, 2017

Anne's pregnancy starts to show as her house-guest goes to work for Mercy. Isaac finds himself in a new role and seems to enjoy it. Plans are made to defeat the dark child and the boy goes to pieces.

Aired a year ago - Dec 14, 2016

Mary and Alden's twisted love is put to the ultimate test and Anne plunges into dark magic.

Aired a year ago - Dec 07, 2016

A traitor is exposed while a ghost from Salem’s past makes a shocking appearance.

Aired a year ago - Nov 30, 2016

Cotton discovers life-altering news while Mary learns the power of her femininity.

Aired a year ago - Nov 16, 2016

Mary’s penance for her betrayal takes a deadly turn while Cotton is forced to perform an exorcism of his own.

Aired a year ago - Nov 09, 2016

Mary leaves the comfort of Alden's embrace, determined to do whatever it takes to keep evil at bay.

Aired a year ago - Nov 02, 2016

Salem's only hope to survive the hell that has risen is to raise the dead.