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Season 2

Aired 4 years ago - May 07, 2019

Tray takes Shahzad to a proper black barber shop for the first time. Shay takes Amira to the beauty shop after discovering a dick pic on her phone.

Aired 4 years ago - Apr 30, 2019

After Josh and Tray have very different experiences teaching Shahzad to drive, he learns a hard lesson about privilege.

Aired 4 years ago - Apr 23, 2019

Bobby blows an important loan meeting for Tray, who has to reconsider his business relationship with his cousin. Shay drags Amira to a birthday party so she can spend time with her new friend Faith.

Aired 4 years ago - Apr 16, 2019

Shay rededicates a neighborhood landmark and reconnects with her old skate crew. Tray and Bobby get caught up helping an OWL (old white lady) in distress.

Aired 4 years ago - Apr 09, 2019

Tray finds part-time work in the cafeteria of the kids’ school and finds himself more determined than ever to make it as a chef. Shay straightens Josh out after he tells her that sometimes she "goes off" and scares white people.

Aired 4 years ago - Apr 02, 2019

Tray wants to see the twins’ birth video, and searching for it brings back emotional memories for Shay.