Crime, Drama, Horror, Suspense


A "contemporary prequel" to the 1960 film Psycho, depicting the life of Norman Bates and his mother Norma prior to the events portrayed in Hitchcock's film, albeit in a different fictional town and in a modern setting. The series begins after the death of Norma's husband, when she purchases a motel located in a coastal Oregon town so she and Norman can start a new life.

Season 1

Aired 9 years ago - May 20, 2013

Romero decides to take action; Norman brings Emma to the dance; Norman gets a ride home from Miss Watson.

Aired 9 years ago - May 13, 2013

Abernathy increases the pressure; Bradley and Dylan connect; Miss Watson encourages Norman's active imagination; Emma takes a trip.

Aired 9 years ago - May 06, 2013

A mysterious stranger causes problems for Norma; Bradley is not happy when rumors spread at school; Dylan and Remo go on a fateful road trip; Norman takes up a grisly hobby.

Aired 9 years ago - Apr 29, 2013

The Bates Motel welcomes its first guest; Norman learns that popular girls come with many complications.

Aired 9 years ago - Apr 22, 2013

Dylan asks Norman to move in with him; Norma warns Emma that some things are best kept to themselves.

Aired 9 years ago - Apr 15, 2013

Norma receives some much-needed help, while Norman desperately awaits his mother's return home; Emma and Norman follow more clues, leading to a big discovery.

Aired 9 years ago - Apr 08, 2013

Norma deals with distractions as her suspicions grow about certain town residents.

Aired 9 years ago - Apr 01, 2013

Dylan learns there is more to his new job than he originally thought; Emma and Norman make a shocking discovery.

Aired 9 years ago - Mar 25, 2013

Dylan immediately begins causing trouble; the Bates are drawn into the secrets surrounding White Pine Bay.

Aired 9 years ago - Mar 18, 2013

Widow Norma Bates and her shy teenage son, Norman, seek a fresh start in a coastal town filled with secrets; the arrival of an unexpected guest turns the Bates' lives upside down.