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Season 2

Aired a year ago - Apr 25, 2019

The crew must contend with the disastrous fallout from Kelly’s decision.

Aired a year ago - Apr 18, 2019

A time distortion affects Ed and Kelly’s relationship.

Aired a year ago - Apr 11, 2019

Ed discovers that Moclans aboard The Orville are harboring a secret.

Aired a year ago - Mar 21, 2019

The Orville crew members open a time capsule from 2015.

Aired a year ago - Feb 28, 2019

The Kaylons take control of the Orville with the intention of destroying all biological lifeforms.

Aired a year ago - Feb 21, 2019

Ed and the crew travel to Isaac's home planet, Kaylon.

Aired a year ago - Feb 14, 2019

Kelly breaks up with Cassius, while the Orville has its deflectors upgraded by a Moclan engineer who used to be Bortus' boyfriend.

Aired a year ago - Jan 31, 2019

The Orville crew is surprised when Claire's personal life takes an unexpected turn. Gordon makes an unusual grooming suggestion to Bortus.

Aired a year ago - Jan 24, 2019

The Orville makes First Contact and a new crew member joins the ship.

Aired a year ago - Jan 17, 2019

Ed finds himself behind enemy lines when he crash-lands on a mysterious planet. Kelly questions why Gordon wants to take the Command Test.

Aired a year ago - Jan 10, 2019

Ed, Gordon and Alara visit Alara's home planet of Xelayah.

Aired 2 years ago - Jan 03, 2019

Ed and the crew race to save a small group of survivors on a planet about to be destroyed by its sun. Bortus and Klyden start marriage counseling when Bortus' obsession with the ship's simulation room gets out of hand.

Aired 2 years ago - Dec 30, 2018

As The Orville heads towards Moclus for Bortus' special once-a-year ceremony, Ed discovers Kelly has moved on and has started dating. Meanwhile, Gordon asks for John's help in getting game, and Claire turns to Isaac for parenting advice.