Season 3

Aired 6 years ago - Dec 04, 2015

The former Russian secret agent Valentina Michailova murdered the Press officer of the right-wing of the Freedom Romanian Party with a garrote. Since her motives are very personal, the ICC have to hurry to catch the professional killer. Her next victim is Solbak, the head of the Party. Marco makes a new step in the investigation of his missing sister. MORE -LESS

Aired 7 years ago - Nov 18, 2015

When the locker room of a football team is bombarded, the research leads to a racist motive and exposes a dark secret of the profitable owner.

Aired 7 years ago - Nov 11, 2015

The investigation on the death of key figures of a controversial hydro-electric project exposes the secret life of a contractor.

Aired 7 years ago - Nov 04, 2015

The mysterious death of a journalist who is about to give an exclusive to Dorn’s unit has to do with the world of drug, counterfeit and terrorist weapons.

Aired 7 years ago - Nov 03, 2015

Polonium 210 is stolen from a British nuclear plant. An elderly former colleague of Dorn joins the investigation. He provides useful expertise, but clashes with Carine regarding the direction the investigation should take. During the search for the cargo of lethal polonium Carine faces a former researcher at the school, and make her question her ability to lead the ICC. MORE -LESS

Aired 7 years ago - Oct 27, 2015

A thinly clad girl wandering outdoors falls from a bridge. She survives, but is in such shock, that she cannot speak. The team believes she escaped from sex traffickers who have long been sought by the ICC.

Aired 7 years ago - Oct 20, 2015

A known criminal has been knifed, but he dies instead of a deadly contagious disease. The team tries to track down all who had contact with him. The man who knifed him and his criminal partners of course do not want to be found.

Aired 7 years ago - Oct 13, 2015

A killer who escaped justice on a technicality has moved close to the Hague and started killing people. Marco who investigated the original case is incensed, but then the case takes a strange turn when the killer is murdered.

Aired 7 years ago - Oct 07, 2015

The Cross boarders unit travel to Italy to investigate the assumed assassination of a prestigious judge.

Aired 7 years ago - Oct 02, 2015

The cross borders unit investigate the death of a bus driver and student of a prestigious European school.

Aired 7 years ago - Sep 25, 2015

Six months after the season two finale, Michel Dorn has to bring a new team together after one of his prosecutors goes missing. Sophie Baines, Dorn's second at the trial of Wombosi, is kidnapped. Her driver is killed. New evidence she had dug up is challenged. Only she knows where the evidence came from. Dorn's investigative team has been disbanded. He puts together a new team to find Sophie. MORE -LESS