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Game Show
Original name: The Gong Show


Unique performers demonstrate their artistry in front of Hollywood judges in this update of the kitschy '70s talent show, which features the worst performances being cut short by bangs on the titular gong.

Season 1

Aired 2 days ago - Aug 14, 2017

Tonight’s acts include a pole dancing dinosaur, a flaming Hula Hoop dancer, a young contortionist and a man with his stuffed animals singing a holiday song with animal noises.

Aired 13 days ago - Aug 03, 2017

Tonight's acts include three men performing a comedic choreographed slap routine, a singing mermaid, a man playing the national anthem with a bodysuit of horns, and an Elvis impersonator with an Asian flair.

Aired 20 days ago - Jul 27, 2017

Tonight's acts include a musician who plays a song on PVC pipes, a man dressed as a snake who swallows a man whole, a performer who whistles opera, and two men who do a striptease.

Aired a month ago - Jul 20, 2017

Tonight's acts include a mystic who can channel your flatulence, a classically trained pianist who balances a cello on his chin, and a woman who spins a giant ring.

Aired a month ago - Jul 13, 2017

Tonight’s acts include a roller skater who limbos under a flaming bar, butt puppets lip-syncing to opera, a pair of wild unicyclists who slam dunk basketballs, and a crazy comic who plays the guitar.

Tonight’s acts include a contortionist who can artistically impersonate a tree, a girl who performs an upside-down handstand while she chases Tommy around the stage, a crazy cat lady performing a cat song, and bug exterminators playing the song “Toxic” on violin while spraying human cockroaches with CO2 guns.

Aired 2 months ago - Jun 29, 2017

Tonight’s acts include flesh-eating zombies performing ballet, a classically trained opera singer stuffing her face with cake while singing, dinosaurs re-enacting the first Olympic games, and giant robots performing a choreographed dance-off.

Aired 2 months ago - Jun 22, 2017

Tonight's acts include a unicycler – dressed in a yeti suit – playing flaming bagpipes, a married couple performing a choreographed banana spitting routine, a woman who plays the harmonica with a tarantula in her mouth, an obsessed fan who serenades judge Will Arnett with opera, and a scary wrestler who sings a children's lullaby.