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Season 2

Aired 3 days ago - Dec 08, 2017

Aired 10 days ago - Dec 01, 2017

Mac and the team follow a group of Indonesian mercenaries who are transporting a lethal amount of stolen nerve gas in the hopes of tracking them to their dangerous leader. Also, Jack confronts Elwood about Riley, and Bozer is pushed to his limit in spy school.

Aired 24 days ago - Nov 17, 2017

Aired a month ago - Nov 10, 2017

Aired a month ago - Nov 03, 2017

Aired 2 months ago - Oct 27, 2017

The team is pulled away from their Halloween plans when they head into the dreaded Bermuda Triangle to retrieve the Vice President’s son after his plane goes down with a mysterious prisoner on board.

Aired 2 months ago - Oct 20, 2017

When Murdoc drugs and kidnaps MacGyver, Mac uses a needle and his teeth to escape and join the team to save Murdoc’s next victim.

Aired 2 months ago - Oct 13, 2017

Using cuff links and wire, MacGyver and the team go undercover in a high stakes casino to steal diamonds from a vault before a terrorist group gets there first and trades the jewels for a weapon of mass destruction.

Aired 2 months ago - Oct 06, 2017

Using a necklace and a microwave transmitter, Mac and the team attempt to locate Riley after her first solo mission with a group of dangerous hackers goes off the rails.

Aired 3 months ago - Sep 29, 2017

Using a cell phone and soccer ball, MacGyver and the team search for a Navy SEAL who is believed to be alive in captivity in the Middle East.