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Season 2

Aired 14 days ago - Jul 06, 2017

Teresa, James and Guero travel to Bolivia in search of a new supplier: the mysterious and dangerous narco-cult leader El Santo.

Aired 21 days ago - Jun 29, 2017

Teresa's loyalties are tested when she is asked to assassinate a DEA mole.

Aired a month ago - Jun 22, 2017

While trying to destroy Epifanio's drug smuggling tunnels, Teresa and James come face-to-face with a group of American border vigilantes.

Aired a month ago - Jun 15, 2017

Teresa and crew rig a high-stakes narco horse race, but old enemies—and old flames—threaten to tear everything apart.

Aired a month ago - Jun 08, 2017

Teresa brokers a deal with an eccentric smuggler; Camila struggles to rebuild her empire; Epifanio takes on a new partner he may not be able to control.